Diamond Feit

Greetings, I am Diamond Feit. I write, I podcast, I perform. I'm a 21st-century triple threat!

In the year 2004 I started blogging using the nickname "feitclub" with the crazy idea that my personal website would become a hub where my family and friends might interact with me, sharing stories and keeping in touch with each other even as we grew apart spacially. Too bad I had no idea Mark Zuckerberg invented Facebook just months earlier without my permission, ruining everything.

Two decades later, I still yearn to connect with people. I also yearn for basic income—a selfish desire I know—which has proven difficult to achieve as of late. I've been laid off twice in recent years so I'm reluctant to run out and apply for yet another hourly-wage position. Instead, I've found far more fulfilling work in stretching my legs creatively. Besides my own personal blogging, I've written as a freelancer for many online publications, including regular contributions to Retronauts. Along the way I've also found I have a penchant for podcasting, as I love talking to people about the things I enjoy in life.

Viewing my employment struggles and my creative successes side-by-side, I believe the evidence says it's high time I followed my dream and stopped trying to make ends meet by teaching English to disinterested kids. The good folks at Retronauts continue to have me on their program but I'm capable of doing even more. All I need now are a few more bucks in my pocket each month to keep myself afloat.

To better pursue my goals of creative freedom, I've built this website by myself using only the cutting edge technology of my half-remembered HTML coding experiences from the 1990s. No Macromedia Flash, no pop-ups, no problem. Please, peruse these pages for a peek at what I'm making. If you're looking to hire me, let's talk! If you're looking to support me in other ways, I accept tips and donations. Even a small offering goes a long way towards offsetting the costs of living online, empowers me to explore more creative avenues, and bolsters my self-esteem.